Saturday, April 10, 2010

Q1 2010

Ok we had ALOT going on for us since the new year. I am going to recap the news  thus far and add some insight into our future.

First off we built our game "Visions of Zosimos" to an Alpha state which we will be announcing and opening to the public. This Open Alpha testing module will allow us to create great compelling gameplay faster. It also creates a bigger fan based community sooner. We look forward to having you on board. You can sign up at our site We also sent out a full media blitz from expanding our website to full video of our builds.

We were also featured in the Journal Sentinel for our involvement in the Indie Scene here in Wisconsin and our Completely Virtual Agile Development Method. Our story is here:

We also attended this years Midwest Gaming Classic on an invitation from the IGDA to talk about our role in the Midwest Game Development scene and the Alpha release of VoZ. We met alot of other Indie Dev groups as well as some veterans and garnered alot of great feedback regarding our alpha build with VoZ. Thanks to the IGDA for allowings us the voice to speak to many others like us. Our video is live here:

In April we also submitted our Game Design doc for "Infernal World" to this years PlayExpo at UW Whitewater. We met some very talented individuals and were able to gain some sincere interest within the industry. Well done to all those involved.

In future news we are planning to enter VoZ in a couple Indie Contests then building it to a Beta state by Q4 of this year. We are also now approved for Facebook and iPhone/iPad development and are looking at a few opportunities in this lucrative market. We hope to add some partnerships in the coming months who believe in what we are doing and are trying to accomplish.

We created a fan page on Facebook! Become a Fan!

In closing we will be showcasing more of VoZ and possibly adding a few more projects before the end of the year. We look forward to sharing it with you! /Onward!!