Friday, November 16, 2007

Demo World

Phase 1 of our demo world is now integrated onto our server. We are getting our textures mixed up importing from PNP Terrain Generator into MV Engine. After some toil we have resolved this issue and are moving on. Currently 3/4 quadrants are completed in max. Once the terrain is finished we will be adding content. Mainly a simple questline and foilage. We have given ourselves a Dec 15th internal deadline to have all content in this world and ready for polishing. This will give us 3-4weeks to make sure this looks as good as possible for submission to the MV team. Our hope is to be one of the top 6 developers for this platform and solidify a spot at this coming years GDC. In other areas of development we have had some issues with our 2D Art Team and stepping up production. I am spending alot of time reworking the structure of this team to be on pace with the others in all areas of communications and submission of work. After this restructure I will be actively recruiting members to secure a quality 2D Team. Alot of my time on this project has been recruiting and sometimes finding passionate people can be difficult. On a side note I have begun working on our template for we plan on having this and the forums up and running very soon so check it often. Alot of progress has been made and the fun stuff is starting to happen so I can't wait to get back into Design of Infernal World. Alpha 1 starts Feb 21st shoot me an email if your interested in testing. /bow