Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Westwood College Job Fair

On Monday July 10th 2006 Forever Interactive attended Westwood O'Hares' 1st annual Job Fair. We were the only game company represented so I was cordially asked to speak to the students. I must say this school is small but very personable and has GREAT faculty who care ALOT about their students. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people turn up at the rumor of me speaking. These kids were eager to have someone take the time and talk gaming with them. They all had resumes ready and some had business cards. I wish more would of had some form of a portfolio to show but most were only in their first and second year of school. I asked to see some of the students work and was blown away at the talent they coming through there. They had 2D and 3D games to show me all of which were done very well. During my speech they all listened wide eyed and intently to everything I had to say and gave me some good questions that I hope I had answered to their liking. I had a wonderful time talking to all the students and look forward to recruiting from Westwood often as I can. The talent is definitely there. Thank you to the staff and student base, it was a pleasure, and I hope to be back real soon showcasing the talent of Forever Interactive to another batch of fine students and faculty.