Thursday, April 27, 2006

MATC Meetup

Recently FI had the chance to talk to MATC and its 3D department regarding the current gaming job market in the Midwest. This was an informal meeting of about 20 Faculty and students. The students seemed very eager to hear what FI has to offer to emerging students, current students, and proffesionals in the Midwest gaming industry. Roughly 10 of the students in the audience showed interest in the games industry and of those 10 half wished to remain in the midwest. It shows that if we had the jobs we could have the talent. FI also showed some of the demo reels of current applicants. Alot of talent from all stages in gaming are very interested in what we have to offer. Our business model shows how we are going to accomplish our goals. We are a group of UNPAID, entrepreneurs (investing $ into FI) all with a goal in accomplishing something magnificent in Indie Gaming. FI offers individuals a chance to own the company they work for, while gaining experience in running a studio and completing a game. All without the publishers breathing down your neck and telling you what game to make. We offer potential to learn other areas of creation than what you may be pigeon holed into. This allows you to grow as a student of game creation. FI is a very unique endeavor and can potentially be very rewarding. MATC welcomed FI with open arms and is committed to harboring a bridge for its students to cross over into gaming. Currently that gap is filled with either becoming a game tester or unpaid internships where you most likely will be learning how to grab coffee with no potential reward other than maybe landing a job. This opportunity warps students right into the position and accelerates the learning experience. We are all here to learn and use FI for that purpose. MIAD has also joined us in partnering with its students of art and our company to establish a bridge between art students and gaming in the midwest. Milwaukee is an untapped region for great talent that no other developer has a care to nuture. FI hopes to change that. Some of our other applicants come from MO and MI. We are amazed at the amount of feedback and response we are getting from people who need this opportunity and we plan to make the best out of it. We also discussed FIs current project "Infernal World". The ideas that we shared were received with great enthusiasm. We see a great need for working with students to become better at their skills while trying to break into the industry and it seems others do too! We would like to thank MATC and MIAD for partnering with FI. Thank you for giving us the chance to make a difference in the Midwest. Please check out our event media video in the media section of the website its short but is proof of our commitment.