Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're Back!

Well as you can see we are finally back after having been gone for some time. I spent a large amount of this time getting our Teams up to full capacity. So far we are at 33 members and rounding out the final spots of our teams. Our virtual network is almost complete and our main server is up and operational. We were recently invited to Multiverses' closed beta servers to test our connection and establish our Demo world. Currently we are designing, drawing, modeling, animating, and making sound for our first world. This world is where we will test our overall gameplay for "Infernal World" We want this to be ready for GDC in February of '08 Once there, we will be showcasing our game alongside other developers for MV. Currently I am working on our websites with our Interface Designer, Peter Chanthasena, so far so good. Much more updates to come! Oh btw it's good to be back! woohooo!