Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Our Next Iteration!

Finally got this blog linked to our main site. So it seems fitting we add some more news from behind the scenes. First off we decided to take the two projects we were working on and merge them into one. The RPG lost quite a few members and was going to take longer to develop than expected. "Visions of Zosimos" our web based board/card game needed more talent and was entering it's Alpha phase of development so rather than spend months recruiting for 2 projects and training them it made sense just to merge them together. This decision sped up our development milestones for VoZ by being fully staffed with people who already understand the agile virtual model. This led to another decision to create a fighting game using a design doc we already had created and using the assets we created from the RPG we shelved. This team took two weeks to build and will require a shorter dev period with a smaller team of 5-10 ppl. So now we have two projects with smaller dev cycles that are fully staffed and running on all cylinders.

We are now affiliated with the Wisconsin chapter of the IGDA. This is awesome news and further secures our position in the Game Development field here in the Midwest. It also directly mirrors the IGDA in their commitment to enhancing a quality of life for game developers and our Agile Virtual dev method.

In other news, I am helping MATC (Milwaukee) train it's 3rd semester CSG students in using UT3 to create a mod in an Agile Virtual environment. There is a link to this project directly on our site. So far it has been real rewarding seeing how they are embracing this method. There is no doubt they will have something truly amazing to show in their portfolios at the end of the program.

Alot of updates coming this month as we will be doing live Alpha Testing for VoZ. The game is now live on our servers. New fighting game site will be live off our main site showcasing updates and video. We will be delivering some podcasts pertaining to FI build and VoZ development. These next few months promise to be pretty amazing! /onward!