Friday, June 05, 2009

News up until now

Well it certainly has been a long while since my last post but I feel now I can sit back and free up some more of my time to post regularly on my blog and twitter pages. I suppose I should start from the beginning of the year now that we are 6 months in. As of January first we decided to split our team in two and take two seperate approaches to the games we are creating. This required we put Infernal World on hold and focus on two smaller projects. One a web based board/card game using micro-transactions and a single player RPG set in the same IP as Infernal World but before the events leading up it. This approach allows us to get a game into market with very little to no outside funding in a very short amount of time. It also focuses on two huge markets. Web based micro-transactions and RPGs both are huge markets and have very little competition. We feel we have a lot to offer in these areas and can compete very well against the competition. During this transition I have been recruiting heavily to staff each team adequately and it always consumes the most of my time. It is something I feel I have gotten very good at over the years. Now that we are ending our recruiting season I can focus more on my Development resposibilities and have some fun creating games. Currently we are in full-production on both projects and hope to be in a strong Alpha by summers end. Then be at a strong Beta by the end of 2009.

We are also refining our business plan for both projects while improving our Milestones so we can better showcase our teams/projects to Angel Investors, Publishers, and Venture Capitalists. We have also signed on for two major contests coming in 2010 so our teams have something to strive for. The last contest we entered we won so I have no doubt we can do the same. Out of this transition we lost some great members, we lost some bad ones, but in the end I feel we have never been stronger. The tools and pipelines we are currently using have been refined into a well oiled machine that keeps getting better and better. Our teams are very well rounded and SUPER ambitious and so far have not found a hurdle they can't cross. I would like to thank Milwaukee Area Technical College for being such a good partner in our Companys success thus far and allowing us to use their new MOCAP Studio. Thank you to all the schools who see great potential in us and are grateful for the business model we offer their graduates.  The Art Institute across America but mostly the Illinois Intstitute has been especially helpful in both finding recruits and giving their graduates an outlet in this amazing feild. The American Academy of Art has been a great partner as well as Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. The list goes on and on of great schools that are linking amazing recruits to us. I hope to continue to work with them every year! 

Over the next few months our goals are clear. I will be enriching our sites with the amazing media and art that our outstanding members are creating. Building relationships within our chosen industry to develop great games for emerging platforms. Refining our Company to become more efficient and successful than ever before. More than anything else we will be fighting to create something that will be the benchmark of Game Developement for the future. Thanks! /Onward