Monday, April 25, 2016

Q1 2016

Quick update to everything that is going on currently at Forever Interactive.

Battle Gnomes:
We have brought our story driven MOBA "Battle Gnomes" back online with a new development team. They are currently building out the story line as well as the alpha version of our gameplay. The story will be coming out to fans early so we can get feedback on it before we move it too far along.

Visions of Zosimos:
VoZ is currently building out its MVP (Minimal Viable Product) scheduled for a full release by August. We are currently working on our engagement for this years GenCon conference in Indianapolis, IN. The online storefront is coming along nicely and that should be rolled out to Alpha players in the next week or so. We are also adjusting our core resource system so that the game paces better. We are also adding in a whole new UI/UX to finally polish out our MVP.

Hero Engine:
The true power of this engine lies in its ability to handle continual integration. We were able to dev in real-time with our customers at last years GenCon. This helped us to clean up so many things we didn't even see until our customers showed it to us. We were also to add new content per customer requests during the Conference. As a result of this engagement, we spent a ton of time adding all of our customers suggestions. Hero developers are doing a mountain of work to improve itself over the coming year as well. They have been amazing in helping us charge towards launch. Much kudos to them!

Forever Interactive:
We are cleaning up all of our websites and relaunching our social media campaigns. Look for our IndieGoGo campaign to begin this coming month as it will have a mass amount of founders rewards as we gear towards launch in August.